Friday, May 27, 2011

Immigration Project

Statue of Liberty

Pretend that you are an immigrant coming to the United States. Tell how you feel when you first see the Statue of Liberty.

(Due by Tuesday, June 7, 2011)


  1. I finaly got out of Eliss Island. I see a sculpture of a woman,she holds a book with the word LIBERTY on it,she also holds a tourch if you look very closely it says tourch of fredom.

    I've been searching for those words since I've got on the boat for Eliss Island.Its such a relief.I'm finaly here I spread my arms and twirl.

    Now,I have an ice cream and I check out a book from the library I sit on a bench I look at my book and ice cream I then stand I then stand up, raise my ice cream high and my book in my arm and I heard a voice say "I HAVE FREDOM!"

    THE END!

  2. The time I was an immigrant.
    It is February 26 1895. I am going to New York from India. I look at my dad and say "Dad, I see Lady Liberty." My dad says "Okay Param. We'll be there in a few minutes." I look at the Statue of Liberty again. Then I glance at the place we were going Ellis Island.

    My hands jiggled with excitement. I look at the ocean and see a fin. It was a hammerhead shark! Just then the captain came up to me and asked if I would like to see the ocean animals swimming underwater from the bottom floor of the ship. I said I would like to. The captain took me some glass windows. I touched noses with the hammerhead shark! It was so exciting. Just then I saw an orange light. It was moving closer and closer to the ship. Suddenly I saw we were at Ellis Island. The light was from the flame of the Statue of Liberty.
    It was and awesome experience because I was free from a land that was under British administration at that time.
    I couldn't wait to actually go inside the Statue of Liberty!

  3. If I Was an Immigrant!

    If I was an immigrant I would travel from Australia to America. I would be sad because I don’t want to leave my family and friends. I would go on a boat to America.
    Finally! We arrived! I walk to Ellis Island and I see doctors and officers. I go to the doctor and he says I can live in the USA. I look up and see the Statue of Liberty and think that I came to the right country!

  4. The Statue of Liberty

    As my ship drew closer to a very larg building made out of stone, after being seasick for so long, my boyfriend Lewis-his real name is William-said to me,"Hey Julietard, wake up, we're almost to Ellis Island.
    Now, when we get inside, we haveto stay very close together, people will be pushing past the gates."said Will.
    "Wait a minute, how do you know all of this stuff?"I asked.
    You know how three months ago I told you that I had to leave the country, but I never told you where?"William said.
    "Yep,"I spoke with remembrance.
    "Well my parents decided to come to America, but they didn't want me to tell you.
    "When we got inside the Ellis Isand gates, people were pushing so hard 'till I was separated from them, after that, I decided to go to the streets of Rusia.
    "A gang of six gentlemen beat me up, from then and on, I leaned to fend for myself."
    "That is such a sad story,"I said with tears in my eyes.
    "I Know, I know, I decided to come back to London, England to take you to America with me."
    said William.
    "How very nice of you to think of me that way,"I
    spoke with a smile.
    "Twelve miles from Ellis Island is where I live
    but be careful, we may be horased."
    When our boat pulled up to the docs of Ellis Island, William was right, people were pushing us to get off of the boat.
    By the time we we were inside the building, all
    I could hear was different languages of french, spanish, chinese, babylonian, and rusian.
    We got to the place where they had to check us
    out, a doctor with tan skin sat me down on a table.
    "Hello, my name is-,"
    "I don't want to know what is, I just want to get out of this place."I said angrily.
    For about ten seconds, the doctor went away and
    came back with four more doctors.
    When they were done checking us out we drove to
    William's house.
    We got out of the car and I found myself staring
    at a big blue mansion that looked like a palace.
    After we had dinner, William showed me the four
    bedrooms and which he was sleeping in.
    I decided to sleep in the same room as William.
    "Can you believe we made it out of England?"asked William.
    "No apperrantly,"I replied.
    "Well the only thing that matters is that we're
    together."William said.
    Yes William was right, the only thing that mattered was that we were together.


    I was a immigrant from India, and was going to the United States of America. I came here for a better life and oppurtunity. Being a third-class passenger, i hated the stariage decks. It wasn't a pleasant sight!

    I went through Ellis Island. I felt very happy when I saw the Statue of Liberty, and it was an amazing sight to see. But, when I got there, I had no clue of where to go. So, I just wandered around. Then, I spotted one of my couisins, and they joyfully took me to their home. I was very pleased to live in a place that had freedom & oppurtunity. I love the U.S.A.

    Since I didn't have a job, I couldn't afford food for my family. After 5 years, of living with them, they kicked me out! So I just sat their, on their front steps. But soon enough, I got a apartment of my own. So, I guess it wasn't that easy for me to be an immigrant.

  6. 3 years ago, in 1894, I was an immigrant to the America. My parents had a very big amount of U.S. dollars so I was allowed on a 1st class boat.I was fleeing from India because there was a terrible damage in the water supply system.

    When I got on the boat, I started crying. I did not want to leave. I already knew English but I did not like it. I loved India so much. It was so beautiful. Later a couple days went by and I was starting to like it on the ship. I got great food, great service, and definitely royal treatment. A couple days later, I heard someone say "Hey, did you know that America is the golden country?" I was stunned! Was it really the golden country! "Wow!" I yelled.

    Finally, the day had come. The boat had arrived at the New York Harbor. I looked to my left to see a huge beautiful statue. It was a blue-green color and was holding a book in one hand and a torch in the other. People were walking in and out of doors at the bottom of the statue. I was surprised it was so big. I really liked the way the statue looked. Then I found a label that said The Statue of Liberty. It had a description about The Statue of Liberty. Later we walked inside a big red building. There was a long line of people just like us. We had to wait a long time but after 2 hours and 15 minutes of waiting, we were examined. I was scared when the doctors got to me. They took some quick little tests and after 2 minutes, the doctor said, "You and your family are free to enter the country." I cheered crazily. I went and hugged my family and we entered the United States of America happily.

  7. When I Entered into a New World

    When I was entering into a new world from India, when I was six years old in 1932 for my Dad's job. I felt very homesick and sad when leaving my home country. This voyage to America was the only thing I could focus on because the ship wouldn't turn back. I was up for a long journey from India to America.

    Twenty Days later, we passed through Ellis Island. It is an inspection building where immigrants are checked for certain diseases. If they have any type of disease, they would be sent back to their home country. If there was no disease, they were checked for passports, and their background was fine, then they were welcome to stay in America.

    I was regretting that I was accepted into entering America. I wanted to go back home. From Ellis Island, I had to take another boat past something that was blue green, holding a green torch, and a book by its chest. It was known as Statue of Liberty. It was the first thing in the new world that made me happy, because it welcomes the immigrants to America. So I was looking forward to my new future.

  8. Statue of liberty
    My mom and dad planned to immigrate to Newyork because of my dad's job.My mom said to me and my brother "Do you like to immigrate to Newyork". We are really excited and suprised.I asked my mom "are we going in a big Ship",my mom replied " yes we are ".We made all our arrangments.At that time we don't know that we will get sea sick if we travel for long time in sea.
    We reached to Ellise ISLAND i saw a big blue statue with a big trouch in one hand and book in other hand and a crown.I asked my dad why did they put the big statue her ?. My dad replied
    It is a universal symbol of freedom. and friendship and a sign of liberty, . It is greeting millions of immigrants with hope and opportunity for those seeking a better life in America. .


    I felt amazed when I first saw the Statue of Liberty because where I
    came from there was nothing like this. It all started a number of
    years ago when my parents decided to immigrate to USA. They said that
    everyone can live peacefully and with freedom in USA.
    As our boat was reaching the Ellis Island, I raised my head up and saw
    the tall statue. At first, I did not know what it was, but then people
    all around me were chattering “It's the Statue of Liberty," "It's the
    Statue of Liberty.”
    I asked my dad “When are we going to be there?”
    “As soon as we clear the health and other checks”, my dad replied.
    I was so excited when the Doctors gave us the clearance and we jumped
    onto another boat to go to the Statue of Liberty for a closer look. It
    was a tall, beautiful statue with a book and a torch in each hand. I
    read the history and other interesting facts about the “Lady Liberty”.
    Now I know why my parents wanted to move to USA – the land of FREEDOM.

  10. I was very happy and successful in India. But I wanted to see new land. So i decided to travel across the world . Me any my family took a ship to America . We travelled across the Atlantic as first class citizens enjoying our travel. The view from the top deck was wonderful. As we neared , the Ellis Island , we saw the beautiful Lady and we realised we were in America.
    The first view of the Statue of Liberty was beautiful with a huge lady standing in middle of the ocean with torch in her hand . My dad explained that it was the torch of freedom. As we got ready to step off the ship - I sight was not very welcoming . The place was full of people , pushing each other , screaming , kids crying . Me and my family were escorted to a special officer who stamped our papers and we were allowed to enter the country.
    I was glad to be away from the crowd and happy to be going to the new house in America but at same time , I was sad for the lots of people still stuck on Ellis Island.
    I wished everyone was as lucky as me !

  11. When I came to the U.S.A

    When I got off the boat to the U.S.A I went to a building named Ellis Island. Before we went in I was sad because I don’t know if I would make new friends. I was sad I left my family because I only came with my dad.

    When I went in Ellis Island it was huge. There were a lot of people pushing and shoving. I went in a room and a doctor came he checked me and said I can enter the U.S.A.

    When I came out of Ellis Island I saw the statue of liberty. I was happy I came to the country when I saw it and I also felt free

  12. "Finnaly" I felt free from the "BIG" ship ride.From the first time I saw the the big green statue I felt a safe feeling like I was at home.

    Now I am being checked from the doctors,still I have a nervis feeling,am I going in america?? Am being sent back?? "yeah" I said I am aloud to stay in america I felt like I was going to burst!

    Its my firt day in america, I feel so good,I have freedom to do anything I want,I'M FINNALY FREE:))))))

  13. First seeing the statue of liberty
    When I first saw the statue of liberty, I was amazed.
    I mean I didn’t know the statue of liberty was that tall!!!!!!
    First of all, you can go inside her.
    You can go from the feet all the way to the torch.

    In India, there are mini sculptures of her.
    There was a huge difference between the mini sculptures and the real thing.
    Their size!!!!

    I would tell everyone this amazing discovery.
    My ancestors, grandpas, grandmas, parents and friends.
    All of them would be thanking me.

    Also Ellis Island is an immigration center.
    If any of the immigrants had any type of a contagious disease they will be sent to their native lands.
    If it was curable they would be sent to a hospital to be cured.
    On the ship rich people were on the top and poor people were on the bottom.

    My friends and I decided to move to the U.S.
    Their names are Chris, Ibrahim, Aryan, Landen and Jeff.
    Ships were the only meaning of transportation back then.
    We traveled in a huge ship,
    It took about 13 days to reach in the U.S.
    Ellis Island is an immigration center.
    You go through Ellis Island to be inspected so you can go in the U.S.
    First, we had to read 25 words in English.
    That was easy!!!!
    Next, a doctor made sure you were healthy and had no diseases.
    If you did have diseases and weren’t healthy you would be sent back to their native lands.

    We all passed!!!
    We were done with inspection.
    Now we had to find our parents.
    We heard some people shouting…
    “Ibrahim, Jeff, Landen, Aryan and Atharva”!!!

    It was our parents!!!!
    We hugged each other tightly!
    Now what was remaining was the secret handshake.
    Bam Slap!!!
    Now to begin the new meaning of our lives!