Sunday, February 27, 2011


Fun with Fractions

Enjoy these interactive websites!
By March 13, 2011 please write a few sentences explaining the game you liked the best.
Remember to answer in complete sentences.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Reading and Writing Strategies

Skillswise is an interactive game using 
the language of giving directions and instructions 

Boys and Girls, this is a website from England and it is full of useful resources.

 I am providing you with a packet to complete that goes with each of the categories. 

Since there is so much to do in this blog assignment, I am giving you two weeks to complete it.

You have until March 6th to complete all the work. 

I would like the packet returned to me by Monday March 7, 2011



Fact or Opinion

Types of Text




Planning your Writing


How to write a summary


Take a break and play some games

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Non-Fiction Research Voice Thread

Our Non-Fiction Project Voice Thread
Our Non- Fiction Research Project!

We worked on non-fiction books and made note cards to help get our thoughts organized. We then created a small book on our project, complete with table of contents and a glossary. We are going to share a brief summary of our non-fiction book.

We created a Voice Thread of our project. Hope you like it!

The URL to the Voice Thread is:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Geometry Activities


Play all the games below and by Sunday, February 20, 2011 write a few sentences on what games you liked the best!

Buzzing with Shapes
Tic tac toe with shapes; drag the counter to the shape that has that amount of sides.

Patch Tool
An online activity where the student designs a pattern using geometric shapes.

Interactive Quadrilaterals
See all the different kinds of quadrilateral "in action". You can drag the corners, see how the angles change, and observe what properties do not change.

Shapes Identification Quiz from
An online quiz in a multiple-choice format, asking to identify common two-dimensional shapes. You can modify the quiz parameters to your liking.

Looking at Polygons
An interactive lesson with explanations and quiz from Absorb Mathematics course written by Kadie Armstrong, a mathematician.

Polygon Sort
Drag and drop the polygons in the correct place in the diagram.

Interactive Shape
Get a clear and complete understanding of shapes, their patterns and properties with the help of interactive pictures.

Polygon Playground
Drag various colorful polygons to the workarea to make your own creations!

Interactive Tangram Puzzle
Place the tangram pieces so they form the given shape.

Interactive tangram pieces. Build your own shapes or try make the given shapes.

Geometry is all about shapes and their properties.
If you like playing with objects, or like drawing, then geometry is for you!

Good Luck! 
Please remember to do the blog homework on time!

Thank You

My Awesome class!!!

Dear Boys and Girls,
Thank you so much for giving me the surprise birthday party and making my day special!
Mrs. DeLuca and you all did an awesome job!

I am very lucky to have students like you in my class!
Love to all
Mrs. Singh

Friday, February 4, 2011

Voice Thread

Our Grammar Project

Boys and Girls, you all did an awesome job with the Voice Thread. 
Hope you have fun with this project!

You will have to register into Voice Thread.

Ask your parents to register for you.
They just have put their e-mail address and select a password for Voice Thread.

We will be doing many projects on Voice Thread so it is a good idea to register for it 
(there is no charge for registering for it).

This assignment is due by February 13, 2011