Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Non-Fiction Research Voice Thread

Our Non-Fiction Project Voice Thread
Our Non- Fiction Research Project!

We worked on non-fiction books and made note cards to help get our thoughts organized. We then created a small book on our project, complete with table of contents and a glossary. We are going to share a brief summary of our non-fiction book.

We created a Voice Thread of our project. Hope you like it!

The URL to the Voice Thread is:


  1. I enjoyed doing the voice thread project. It is great to see everyone's projects come together so nicely. I posted my comments on some and hope you liked my work on Toucans.

  2. Atharva-this voice thread is enjoyable

  3. These non-fiction works are amazing! I loved the variety of topics and I loved the voice thread summaries as well! You are all doing an amazing job both in language arts and in technology!
    Keep up the great work!