Friday, April 1, 2011

Jenkinsons Aquarium

Our Field trip

We had an awesome trip in spite of the bad weather.

 I would like to thank Mrs. Arora, Mrs. Rathaur, Mr. Bharti and Mr. Azer for being great chaperones. We could not have made this trip a success without their help.

Boys and girls, write a few paragraphs about your field trip to Jenkinsons Aquarium.
Do not forget to mention the interesting facts we learned today especially about penguins. Remember the five elements for a good story - character, setting, events, problem and solution.  (Remember to have a beginning, middle and end to your story).
Good Luck!


  1. The trip I went to on Friday was awesome because part of it like when we had the guided tour this man he showed us around and when he showed us around we got to touch animals and after that we saw penguins and the guy he told us facts.Sorry Mrs.Singh that's all I can remember. Bye see you Monday.

  2. Friday, I went on my class feild trip to the
    'Jenkinsons Aquarium.'
    It was very awesome because we got a chance to see sharks, seals, penguins, alligators, don't forget the beach, the sea star-see I remembered-
    and the see orchin, plus the horseshoe crab, last but not least, the hermit crab.
    I feel so bad for one of the seals because it was blind in one eye, I think.
    The horseshoe crab loked pretty discusting in my opinion, the sea star and the orchin felt very pointy.

  3. Hey! Its me, Aarushi. Last Friday we went to the Jenkinsons Aquarium. It was real fun exept for the part that it was raining. :( But that's ok. What I saw were seals, turtles, frogs snakes, shark, seahorse, fish, stingray, eel, alligator, and penguins. We also touched animals, such as seastars, sea urchin, Knobed whelk (hermit crab), and a hotseshoe crab.

    Some things that I learnt were that scientists have only discovered 3% of the animals in the ocean. One thing that I thought was right, was actually wrong. I thought that penguins ONLY live in cold places, but acually penguins live in warm places such as the Golapogus Islands.

    Good thing I mentioned the Golapogas Islands, because my mom was amazed by Param, and yes, I said PARAM! I was shocked when she saiid that. :0 She said it was because he knew most of the answers to the guide's questions. He knew all the reptile names and things that pretty much the other kids in the class dont even know. This whole trip that I had was the secnd best day of my life (the first was when I visited the Taj Mahal)

  4. Hey,this is Param. Last Friday we went to Jenkinsons Aquarium. It was so cool! In the bus, Me and Atharva helped Varun play WORD MOLE. when we got to the aquarium, the first thing we did was go on Point Pleasant beach. Next, we ate lunch. Then, we went to the arcade.I loved the arcade! my favorite game there was H2 overdrive.

    When we finally went inside the aquarium, a tour guide showed us a tour of the aquarium. We saw the seals first. the seal's names were Luseal, Seaquin, and Coral. Next, we saw a Knobbed Whelk, a Horseshoe Crab, a Sea Star, and a Sea Urchin. Then, we went to the Penguins. I didn't know the answer to the question the tour guide asked, but I knew the type of penguin that he was talking about. My favorite part was the seals.

    After that,we went to the alligators and crocodiles exhibit. The tour guide asked most of the questions at that point. I knew that the Gharial has a knob at the end of it's long snout. I also knew that the Caiman has a short and round snout and that it is bigger than the American Alligator. We got to see what I think is Mississippi Alligator baby bones.

    I could not go to the souvenir shop because we had to go back to the school. I tried to massage Karan's back with a ball while he was sleeping on the bus :-) It was so fun! Karan fell down in the aisle in the bus because he was sleeping and the bus jolted on a sharp turn.
    I went down the hall in the school and went to my classroom. I kept thinking "This was such a fun trip!!"

  5. Thank you Aarushi for mentioning my name in your comment!

  6. When Samod, Varun, Ansh, Param and Mr. Bharti arrived, I was very thrilled to go but I still did not realize that it would be much more exciting than what I was thinking.
    When we were on the bus, I was getting bored after a while because the bus still was not moving and it had already been what seemed like an hour. “When are we going to move!?”, I said. Just then the bus was moving and we were on our way.
    When we got to Point Pleasant, the first thing we did was go on the beach. We took pictures of the really big waves and of each other. We pretended the waves were tsunamis and we had fun letting our shoes get wet. When we were done, we ran to the bathroom having the urge to go very badly. Then Samod, Varun, Atharva and I went to call Param since he kept on wandering away. We had lunch and then we went to the arcade. I won lots of expensive prizes. Then we went for the guided tour. It was cool touching the animals and the sharks amazed me. I was very curious about how they caught the piranhas. Then we went to the penguins. I never knew that penguins aren’t only in Antartica. Then when they told us that scientists have only discovered 3% of the ocean, I was shocked! It all seems like they have discovered so much but it was actually so little.
    Then after the tour, I went to the souvenir shop and from there to the arcade. I won lots of expensive prizes again. Finally we had to go back to school. I wanted to stay longer and have fun even though the weather was bad.
    When we got back, the first thing I did was find Atharva. Then we all went to the computer lab and then home.

  7. Thank you for puting my name Parm.

  8. We went to Jenkinsons Aquarium I liked seeing Sharks.I learned lot of facts about Sharks like how they eat food,how they can tell they are sick.If we put a whole bucket of fish you are doing wrong thing.The people who take care of Sharks can tell when they are sick.Like people get sick when they eat too much food even Sharks get the same problem.We even watched differnt kind of fishes.We touched Starfish,cousin of starfish,Hermit crab shell and a crab which looked like a Spider.

  9. My (Lahari) field trip to Jenkinson Aquarium

    Last Friday, we had a field trip to the Jenkinson’s aquarium. My teacher, Mrs. Singh, divided the class into four groups. There were six of us in each group.
    First, our group decided to go to the beach. We had a lot of fun watching the big waves. We played on the beach for sometime. We had a race till the top of the boardwalk. I won the race two times. Next, we headed over to our tables to eat lunch. I had Jelly sandwiches and juice. Then we went to the souvenir shop. I bought a bag of “Fool’s gold nuggets”.
    Later, we went to visit the aquarium. It was a big aquarium, it was on 2 floors. On the first floor, we saw many seals. The tour guide told us about Luseal. She was blind. Then we went to see some turtles and sharks. I noticed that one shark was bleeding. Tour guide let us touch the animals but we had to wash our hands to do so. I touched a starfish, a Sea Urchin and a crab. Next, we went to the second floor to see more sea animals. Our guide told us not to tap on the glass. Here we saw some penguins and more seals. It was a lot of fun watching them.
    Mrs. Singh gave us fruit snacks. (Thank you Mrs. Singh !!). Next, we headed to the arcade. I played “Wheel of fortune” and I won 127 tickets. I exchanged them for a “Yorkie Magnet”. Our Chaperone’s called us to line up for the bus as it was time to get back to our classes. It was the most memorable field trip ever.

  10. Hi -
    It certainly sounds like you had a great time. I love aquariums -and Jenkinson's is one of my favorites. I enjoy the sharks and penguins as well as the Touch Tank, but especially like watching the seals. Like many of you my grandchildren like the Gift Shop best.
    I'm glad to hear you had fun!
    -Dr. B

  11. On Friday April 1,2011 me and all the 3rd grade classes and my class went to Jenkinson's Aquarium. When we got on the bus to go to the aquarium my group sat in the back. When we left, it was a long ride to get there.

    At the aquarium, first we saw seals then we saw a lot of sharks in a big glass tank. After that we washed our hands and played around the world because we were waiting for the guy from the place to come back. When he came back he brought a seastar and a oyster and we got to feel them. I got to feel them twice. The seastar felt smooth and the oyster felt smooth too.
    My favorite thing we saw at the aquarium was the King Turtle.
    I was glad we went to the Aquarium and I'm glad we went to the beach too. I took pictures. We did a lot of fun things. It was a fun trip.

  12. On Friday April 1, 2011 me and my class went to "Jenkinson's Aquarium". It was fun. We did a lot of things. I'd like to thank Mrs. Arora, Mrs. Rathaur, Mr. Bharti and Mr. Azer (who is also my dad) for helping us at our field trip.

    So the first thing we did is when we got off the bus all of us went straight to the beach. When we got to the beach I said"wow it's been a while till I came to the beach and the waves are beautiful" so when Mrs.Singh told us to get off the beach we went to the suvernier shop i bought a dolphin book that tell all about them and a snugly dolphin that you can sleep with and I bought a bracelet for my mom it said #1 Mom. Then after that me and my group got hungry so we went to eat. While we were eating Leah had a drink called Arizona and 5 minutes the the drink fell on her food.

    After that we went to the candy shop I got 3 ring pops i ate on then it was time to go to the guided tour so we had to get in a line with the class but with the group too. So when we got in a line this man he came and tolled us rules for the tour. So when we got in there he showed us a lot of animals like seals, tertels, sharks,megldons, whale sharks and so much more a can't even remember them. then when we were done it was almost time to go so we went to the arcade. When we got there I went to play deal or no deal and I won a lot of tickets so when i got to the thing were you give them your tickets i got a playing card and the cards are huge and then it was time to go on the bus so we got on the bus and we were on our way to school.I hope we can go there again

  13. My classtrip to the Jenkinsons Aquariam was so awesome,even though it was raining we still had a good time at the beach but we had the best time at the arcade and the aquariam.At the aquariam we saw animals like sharks,stingrays,turtles,poisondartfrogs,
    lobsters,crabs,and we got to touch starfish,sea urchins,and horse shoe crabs.

    It was so fun at the Jenkinsons Aquariam.We got to eat our lunch at a restarant.I also got to learn some fun facts such as some seals can be blind,and penguins mostly come from very hot places.

  14. Today our class went to Jenkinsons Aquarium; it was fun even in bad weather. First when I got to school with no book bag Mrs. .Singh said to sit on the carpet so she can tell us about the trip. While she was doing that the chaperones started coming, Aarushi’s mom, my mom, Varun’s dad and Amanda’s dad. After that we all got on the bus. In the bus I talked to Sreya.Then we both started to take pictures of Lahari and Aaliyah. In one of the pictures of Lahari, one of her eyes was closed and one was open!
    Then when we got to the aquarium first my group went to the beach then we ate our lunches then we went to the beach again because Karan kept on running off. Then we went to the suvineer shop. At the suvineer shop I bought a pen and a shark tooth.
    Then I finally went to the Aquarium! When I got in the Aquarium first I saw seals one of them was blind. After the seals we saw sharks one of them was bleeding on its back it looked kind of scary. Then we touched some animals a Knobbed Whelk, a Horseshoe Crab, A sea urchin and a star fish. The Horseshoe Crab looked so ugly, disgusting and DISGUSTING! Then I saw more animals a sea horse, penguins, a piranha, a lepard fish, a poison dart frog and snake. Did you know that penguins mostly live in hot places!
    Then I went to the arcade I won 200 tickets! Then we went back to the bus and I fell asleep. When I got to school I went home with my mom and when I went home I said I wish this trip wasn’t done yet!

  15. On Friday, our class went on a field trip. We went to Jenkinson Aquarium. First, we found out what group we were in. I was in Aarushi’s group. We got on the bus. It took 1hour to get there. When we got there we headed for the beach.
    After we came from the beach, we wanted to eat but all the seats were taken. So we decided to go to the souvenir shop. I got a dolphin, an orange diamond, and a rock shaped like a heart. When we finished shopping, we got to eat.
    About 11:00 we got in line for the aquarium. Then a man came to show us around. We had to sit down to see and touch some animals. I touched a sea star, a sea urchin, and a hermit crab. When we finished that we got to see penguins, alligators, fish, and sharks. We learned that penguins come from hot places. People think that penguins come from cold places . It was time to go. We went on the bus and back to school.

  16. On Friday it was our classtrip to the Jenkinsons
    Aquariam. When we got to the bus to take us to Jenkinsons Aquariam. Me,Ansh and Revanth were keep on standing up on the bus. The first time I asked Mrs.Singh hoe long is it going to take she said Four hours.The second time I asked her she said Two hours.Finaly when I asked her she said 5 min. We got snacks to eat on the bus.

    Then we got out of the bus.It was raining outside. First we went on to the beach. second we ate food.After we ate food we went to the shop.I bought a ball and a toy snake. Then we went to the aquariam. We saw sharks,seals,fish and other animals too.I got to know that one of the seals got blind from a shark.We even got to touch some animals that don't bite.Then we went to the arcade.

    Then we went back to the bus. Mrs.Singh told us to sleep.So I went to sleep.Parm was rubbing the ball on my back so I could go to asleep.I fell in the aisle.Then we got out of the bus and went to computers.

    This was the best trip ever.

  17. My name is Yasmeen and I went Jenkans Aquarium. First we went on the bus. I was sitting next to my friends. We were having fun. Finaly we got to the aquarium.

    We went in and ran right to the beach we had a lot of fun! Then we went to the gift shop. I bought a diamond. Then we had lunch and Leah spilled her ice tea all over her lunch. Amanda gave her her breakfast from school. Mohammed lost his money so Mr. Azer looked in the garbage and he found it. It was in the bag he through away. We went back to the gift shop to buy his toy.

    We went to the candy shop but I didn't get any thing. After that we lined up at the aquarium. First we went to look at the seals. One was blind. Then we looked at the sharks. Once there was a huge shark it could eat half of our school bus. Then we lined up and pet the animals. The first one we touched was a star fish and sea urchent. Then we touched a crab. It was related to a scorpien.

    We went down stares to look at the fish. One was an eel and and there was sharks in the tanks. Then we saw the alagators it was cool. Wead saw a aligator sceleton. Then we saw the panguins. They are from asia, africa, south pole. Then we left the aqurium. Mrs sing gave us a bad of fruit snacks. Then we went to the arkcade. I got tickets and got a bracelate. Then we went back on the bus and we went home. The trip was AWESOME!!!! :)

  18. On Friday April 1st I went to Jenkinson Aquarium. I got there by taking the school bus.I sat next to Hendrix and Nicholas.On the bus ride me and my friends played hide & seek.It took us 2 hours to reach there.

    First of all the aquarium cooridinator gave us a tour of the aquarium. We saw many sea creatures such as snakes, seals penguins, turtles,seahorses and alligator. We also got a chance to touch and feel starfish and sea urchin.

    Next, my group went to play games in the arcade. Me and Hendrix played a awesome shooting game. After that we went to the shop to buy some souveinours. I bought a pirate globe for me. It was time to go back to school. We went on the bus and Nicholas won a duck named Flabber. We all played with Flabber and a toy gorilla until we reach back to school. It was a wonderful trip with my class mates.

  19. Response to Dr.Bowman:
    We had a great time! How are you? Have you ever been to Point Pleasant? My favorite animal was the seahorse. What is yours(if you've been there)