Thursday, April 7, 2011


This week we watched the movie Homeward Bound and witnessed how three friends (Chance, a young dog unfamiliar with the world; Shadow, an aging, wise dog; and Sassy, a snobby cat) take care of each other on their long journey back home.
In the story, when Shadow falls down in a ditch and ‘gives up’, Chance gives him an inspiring speech on how ‘never to give up’. Do you have a friend like Chance, Shadow or Sassy?
Explain the true meaning of friendship, and what qualities you would like to see in your friend (Please do not write any names).
Write a few paragraphs about how your friend has helped you ‘never to give up’ and always helped you to try your best. 


  1. One day my friend and i, went to the park.
    I went on the monkey bars but i was scared that i might fall.
    My friend said, "you can do it never give up". i tried to do it but it didn't work.Then i tried one more time and i got it.That was the time my friend toled me to never give up.

  2. This is one of my favorite friendship stories of all time. It is amazing how much we can learn about friendship from two dogs and a cat. I can't wait to read more comments from other students.

  3. One day my friend and I were playing scoops. Someone hit me with their scopp.He said"I'm sorry". I said "Its ok". I got hurt and my best friend helped me get up. My best friend is awsome and the best best friend I ever had in my whole life.

  4. This happened when I was 6 years old. You guys know Community Park? If you do, great. If you don't, might as well read on. My friends I were doing those poles where you can go upside and sit on top of, well you know what I mean. So we were doing it on the smallest one, and it was getting very easy, so my friends asked my dad if he could pick them up, and put them on the medium pole. First, my friend in 4th grade went. She said,"That was awesome!" Then my friend in third grade (same school) went. She said,"Whoa! That was cool!" Then it was my turn. "I'm scared", I whined. "It's ok" "You can do it!" "Don't be scared. You'll be more scared." "You're scared now, but when you try it, you'll love it!" They told me all these things, and I finally thought "I can do it" I told my dad to pick me up. I went on the pole and sat on it. Then, slowly..... I picked up my hands....... and let go. It felt like I swirled around and around ect. Then I came down and asked dad,"Can I go again?" That was the time my friends helped me never give up.

  5. One day my friend and I went to the park to play. I was afraid to go down the pole. But my friend was cheering me on. I was not afraid any more I went down the pole it was fun. I did it again and again it was fun.

  6. One day I wanted to do this awesome ninja move.
    But it was extremely dangerous , but then my ninja friend, Michael Jacson
    said ''If I can do it you can do it.'' So I jumped up and ran on the wall wile
    eating a banana and drinking a COCACOLA. It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. One day at the park me and my friend were at the lake. My friend stepped on a rock that was on the lake. She made it to the end by stepping on the other rocks that went to the end by the woods. ‘’Now you try to do it. It’s simple just step on the first one. I know you can do it’’. ‘’ I’m too scared to try. I might fall and get wet’’. I said.’’ Fine I’ll try’’. I said. I got it by stepping on each rock. This is the time my friend helped me.
    The true meaning of a friend to me is being nice this friend is helpful to me. Me and my friend help each other. I can trust my friend. When it’s my birthday my friend calls or comes over. Also, my friend shares and appreciates what I do.

  8. The day was bright so me and my friend went to the park.He was scared to go down the big slide.
    He was very scared because he might get hurt.
    I said "persever and NEVER give up"!
    He gave it a shot and he realized HE DID IT!!!!
    He was very thankful of me to help him persever
    and knock the fear out of him.Remember NEVER give up.

  9. I helped my sister with her homework because in
    my opinion, she didn't pay attention in math.
    She didn't know how to tell greater than or less
    than with fractions.
    She argued with me that she was paying attention.
    So I decided once and for all that I would help her.
    I taught her how to reduce fraction, she picked it up easily.

  10. This happened when I was four. One day my friend and I were playing at the park. We were having so much fun until she said" how about we go to the swings." "No I am too scared." I said. "Why are you scared?" "Because last time I went on the swing I fell down." "Don't worry you won't fall down I will protect you."

    " How will you protect me you are too little?" She said "I will be next to you the whole time to help you if you fall again." So I went on the swing and my friend started to push me back and forth. I said"WEE!"

    Then my friend said"see a told you it will be fun." Then I said"stop." Then she stopped and I went down. She said"did you have fun?"Yes I did thanks to you." I said. Then it was time for dinner.And that is the time my friend thought me how to never give up.

  11. One time, my cousin, who is also a friend, helped me with my math and spelling homework when he came to my house. That day I was very tired so I was not doing it. He made my homework fun by giving me an algebra lesson after my homework. He was also giving me clues and hints for the homework. This cousin is also very helpful to me and also plays a lot with me. Now I will dedicate this poem that I read in a book, to all my friends and cousin

    A friend is a listener who will always be there,
    When you've a big secret you just have to share.
    A friend is a sidekick who'll sit by your side
    To make you feel better when you're troubled inside.
    And when there's nothing to do on a wet rainy day,
    a friend is a pal who'll come over to play.
    Friends are just perfect for all kinds of things,
    Like walking or talking or swinging on swings!
    And for watching TV, a friend is the best
    for cheering cartoons with, and booing the rest.
    And then late at night a friend is just right
    for telling ghost stories when you've turned off the light.
    Yes, a friend is the best one to hop, skip, or run with
    for playing some catch or just having fun with.
    You can sing and shout 'til your tonsils wear out,
    'cause that's what having a friend's all about!
    A friend is a buddy who'll come to your aid
    when he thinks you need help, or you might be afraid.
    A friend is a partner who'll stand back to back
    to protect you from bullies, or a monster attack.
    With a friend you can do what you most like to do!
    You can have your own hideouts in dark, secret places
    or spend the whole day having caterpillar races.
    or just drawing pictures of each other's faces.
    You can laugh, you can cry, you can watch cars go by.
    You can have a great time and not even try!
    A friend is a person who likes to be there
    'cause you two make a wonderful pair!
    And when all's said and done, the natural end is
    A freind is friend .....THAT'S what a friend is!

    Peace to all my friends!

  12. (Lahari).

    Last year, I visited India during my summer vacation. There,I met my uncle's daughter for the first time. She was my only cousin in the family. Nevertheless, she became my best friend ever. We played a lot of games and did so many fun things together. Eventhough she was older than me, she liked to play with me all the time. Soon, it was time for us to leave India. It was one of the most fun summer vacations I ever had.

    The problem was that we could not physically communicate with each other because we are living in different countries. We talked over phone every week but sometimes I forget to call her. One day, she said that I should never give up our friendship even though we are far apart. Since then we talk to each other reguarly and even "SKYPE" so that we can see each other and have a long chat.

  13. response to Param:

    I like the way you show
    what a friend is. Really cool

  14. REVANTH :)

    When me and my best friend, Kai were going outside for recess, I was running so fast that I fell on the pavement. First, when I was looking at my palm it had gravel but it was easy to take out because it didn't go inside my skin and thumb it was just skin scraped. But when I started playing soccer with my friends I and Kai noticed my thumb was bleeding really badly and that Kai told me to go to the nurse. So I went to the nurse in the middle of recess and when I stepped inside to go to the nurse, Kai came along to tell what happen in recess so the nurse knew what happen but I said not to come with me. When we came back outside it was the end of recess and I said, “Sorry Kai I made you waste your recess time.
    “It’s ok Revanth, I would do anything if you get hurt,” told Kai, “Best friends are always meant to support each other no matter what.” Kai is my best friend, a strong and helpful part of my life.

  15. One day when it was my fourth birthday I was to scared to go in the pool because it was my first tine swimming.So then I started to run back inside my house but then my best friend stopped me and she said "Its ok the pool wont hurt you". OOOOOK i'll try it so I ran in the pool and made biggggg splash,THIS ISSSSSSSSSSS FUNNNNNNNNNN! Thats friendship!

  16. the time I needed help was about to jump off my ramp. I "said no way your going to kill me"but with a littel help from my frind I was go at doing it.