Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Imagine that you have found a special seed that will grow into any plant you like. Write a story about what plant your seed will grow and how you plan to use it. Use plenty of details to describe your plant.

Hint: Remember  to use a graphic organizer and you should have at least three paragraphs (beginning, middle and end)
Use the 5 finger rule- you should have characters, setting, events, problem and solution in your story. 


  1. The unique seed
    One beautiful day I was walking in the woods with my dad and I found a unique seed. When I picked the seed up it was heavy! It had many colors that were bright and colorful. The seed was in a weird shape. Then I brought the seed home and planted it. I was very eager for the seed to grow.

    It was fall when I planted the seed. Knew it was hard to grow but I took my chance. I watered it and gave plant food everyday I was waiting with a lot of patience like it was already three weeks since I planted it. The next morning I woke up and saw a tree outside my window. I was surprised to see different color fruits.

    The branches started growing fast and very very very long! It spread all over the world with colorful fruits and flowers. I had tasted the fruits already and were delicious! I wrote a note that they were safe to eat. People started eating the fruits and planting the seeds it the fruits. This shows that people believe me. Then everyone started writing notes on the trees and branches about friendship and peace. One seed made a big difference by making friends all over the world without meeting each other.

  2. Super Hero Plant!

    I find a seed so big its the
    size of Micky Mouses head.
    I bring the seed too my mom.
    I ask ''What plant is it?'' , ''I
    don't know.'' she says ''but try
    to plant it out side.'' I run out-
    side I plant the seed.

    The next morning I run outside.
    I see a gigantic hole, but no seed.
    After dinner my mom says to get
    the mail. I come back with only
    the news. I take a peek at
    the front page its a plant!.

    ''Ouch'' some robber guy hit
    me down with a bag of money
    and,mt plant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Its roots are its legs,the
    peddles are its hair,and
    its branches are its arms.

    It picks up the robber
    and puts him in a nearby
    police car. The car drives
    away. My plant says
    YOU MUST PAY!''my plant
    says in a deep voice a
    little lower then Chewbaca.

    ''Me hungry!''he shouts.
    ''I've got Potato Salad
    is that okay?'' I say
    ''I'll bring you a bowl?''
    ''YUMMY!'' he says and
    gulps the wole bowl down.

    THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The Golden plant:)

    It was first day of spring.It was very bright and sunny day as if a golden ring was shining in the sky. I remember it was also a super moon day. As I was walking in my backyard I saw a really weird object.
    First I thought it was crayon I got curious and after looking carefully I noticed it was a seed.

    Next I ran to see what kind of seed it was on google. I couldn't find out what seed it was I named it Rainbow seed.Quickly I ran and got my garden tools and went to the vegetable patch and planted my Rainbow seed.

    After three days of rain finally I had chance to go out and see my seed. To my utter surprise I found out that it had grew into a five feet plant with rainbow leaves, with sparking gold berries. That whole day and night I was thinking what to do with the gold berries.At school the next day I asked Mrs.Singh if I can go to Mrs.Dinardi's office she said"Yes".I gave my gold berries to Mrs.Dinardi an gave her the gold berries she asked"What are these for?" I said for the playground fund.She was so grateful that I gave it to the school.Our new playgrond was awesome:]

    The End!!!

  4. One day, my friend named Isabella, and I were walking in the forest.
    All of a sudden, Isabella comes to a hult ahead
    of me.
    "Why did you stop?" I asked her.
    "Look what I found," said Isabella.
    "Whoa, it's a seed." we said at the same time.
    "Do you think we should plant this in your backyard, since you were the one who found it?" I asked.
    "Okay, but we need to warn my mother before we do anything." Isabella said.
    So we followed the trail that Isabella left,it
    seriously came in handy.
    When we got back to her house, Isabella told mother the news.
    After that, her mother had to grip the kitchens
    counter top for support.
    "Show me the seed that you found, it may
    actually be contagious." said Isabella's mother.
    Same as usual, they left a trail behind them.
    When they reached the seed, Isabella's mother had her eyes poping out of her head.
    "Saleehia, I need you to call your friend India
    to help us carry this to the backyard." said
    Isabella's mother.
    "Okay." I responded.
    So I did as I was told and phoned India.
    "Hi India, could you come over to Isabella's
    house?...Okay, I'll tell her mother...by, see ya
    She said that she was on her way here anyway."
    I said to Isabella's mother.
    Then she gave me a thumbs up.
    When India arrived, we all put our hands under
    the seed and lifted on the count of three.
    We carried it to the backyard of Isabella's
    Isabella's mom got out her gardening tools and
    dug a big hole in the earth.
    Then we put the seed into the hole.
    Isabella's mother filled the hole back up with dirt.
    When spring came the next year, all three of us girls saw that the seed had formed into a red
    wood tree.
    Every summer, we would sit under the tree with a can of Dr.Pepper and tell the story of how the tree grew.


  5. The Doctor Seed
    One morning, I was walking in my garden and I saw a very unusual seed. The seed was white and it had a note next to it, the note said " Make a difference". I planted the seed instantly.

    A few weeks later, I saw a plant. It had fruits that varied in size from an orange to a watermelon. They were round, juicy and sugarless but yet very sweet. I looked at them in amazement. I was so surprised that such an extraordinary and beautiful plant could grow in just a few weeks.

    I continued to water the plant and two weeks later, I saw that it had grown into a tree and the fruits were ripe enough to eat. It was approximately 40 feet high. The branches intermingled with each other. Each branch had 6 fruits. The fruits were of three different colors. These three colors were red, green and purple. When I cut the green fruit, it revealed a note that said, "I cure autism". The red one was cut open and the note said, "I cure cancer". The note inside the purple fruit said, "I cure diabetes". I was very excited to have found this magical trees that bears fruits to cure these diseases.

    I plan to distribute these fruits to people who have any of these diseases. I also plan to make a grove full of these trees and cure the world of these diseases.

  6. Yasmeen said...

    One day I fond a seed so I went home and I planted it in my backyard.
    The next morning it turned out to be a starflower. It was so pretty.

    It had a star shaped in the center. The star was red and the background was pink.

    I love that flower so I shared it with my friends. They had some too and all of us gave the flowers to the people in the hospital. The sick people in the hospital love the plant.<3;-)

  7. The Magic Seed


    Tina was walking down the street to go to the market. She had black hair and blue eyes. Her mother told her to get seeds for her. When she got to the market, the seed of the day sign was out. It was the sunflower seed. She got 5 sunflowers. Then, she went further into the market to the plant section. There, she got 3 tulip seeds and 10 rose seeds.

    When she was walking home on the road, she saw a golden seed. "This will look great in my mom's garden. I wish mom was here." Tina said. The golden seed glowed. "Hi sweetie" Tina heard. She turned around and saw her mom. "How did you get here? Is this a dream?" Tina said as she pinched herself. "No" her mom said. "I'm going home" Tina said.

    When she got home, she went straight to the backyard next to the garden. She dug a hole in her garden and planted her seed. Right when the seed was planted, it sprouted up, and up. Out came a puppy. then a convertable. "Wow! I've always wanted a puppy and convertable. Looks like this seed is magical" Tina said. She started wishing for all the things she wanted. Then, her mom saw what she was doing and did not like it. Right then she unplanted the plant and threw it away. Tina didn't like her mom so much, she never talked to her. Then Tina went away to find another golden seed, but everyday she always called her mom and told her she loved her.
    :-) <3

  8. The Sunflower Seed

    One sunny day I was walking with my mom and dad I found a seed on the sidewalk and it was cold the sunflower seed. I said "mom,dad,look!" I found a sunflower seed see." "Yes we see now lets continue walking" they said "NO!" I said "I want to take it home and plant the sunflower seed.

    "Fine" mom said "Yay thank you" I said to my parents. When we started walking mom said let's turn and go home." "Ok" I said. When we got home I went in the backyard and took out the seed and put it in the ground.

    After that I put water on the ground. The next day I went in the backyard to check on it and was growing a little bit. so I put a little bit of water and the following day it grew and it became a sunflower. It was a beautiful flower!

  9. The Lego Seed

    One nice morning I was coming from my friends house. When I was walking in the woods, I triped over a rock. Then I saw a seed. The shape of the seed was like a lego brick. Then I ran home very fast. I showed my mom the. She said" What is this"? I said"Its a seed".

    So I started to plant the seed. I put water and I let it dry. A cople of days later, I saw a big giant tree in my backyard with lego boxes on the tree ,lots of them! I had a lot of them so I decided to sell them to people.

    Then outside my backyard I put a sign Legos for 10 bucks. Lots of people got the lego boxes. When they all were Finished the next day more grew. Lots of people thanked me that I gave them Lego boxes.

  10. Response to saleehia,
    thank you for putting my name on your story:)

  11. Response to India,
    your very, very welcome.
    That's what best friends are for.
    C ya 2morrow.

  12. Magic Flower Seed


    One day Lilly was sad she wanted a seed.The next day Lilly went to a flower shop and bought a seed.She did not know it was a magic seed.When she said "I wanted a sunflower".A sunflower grew.She was amazed.So she tried again.This time she said I wanted a tulip" and a tulip grew.Then she asked for an apple it did not grow.She was wondering about the apple.Then she got an idea.She thought it was a magic flower seed.It was night time she went home to sleep.

    The next day she woke up.She wanted to look at her garden.It was huge.Every thing was filled up.She went to her mom.She made her mom to come to the garden.Her mom was surprised about the sunflower and tulip.It was lunch time. Lilly and mom had lunch.She ate her lunch and went outside to check on her garden it was soo huge.She told her mom again.This time her mom did not come.So Lilly checked on her garden again it grew bigger then last time.She said I want to make it small.It grew smaller.She liked the magic seed.


    India and Saleehia were at the park. ’’What is that?’ ’Asked India. They both ran to it. ‘’It’s a seed”! Saleehia said as she picked it up.’’ Where did it come from? It’s very small”. India and Saleehia headed for India’s house.’’ ''Hi India and Saleehia. How are you doing? ’Said India’s mother’’.’’ Good’’. We said. ‘’Look, we found this light brown seed in the park’ ’said India as she showed her mom. ‘’Go and plant it’’. My mom said. The doorbell rang. It was Lisa. ‘’ Hey, Can you get a shovel, soil, a pot, and a bucket of water’’? Said India ‘’sure, can I have one of those seeds ‘’? Said Lisa.’’ Sorry we only found one’ ’said Saleehia.
    The next afternoon Saleehia came over to India’s house. ‘’Did you plant the seed yet’’? Saleehia asked ‘’ ‘’No. ‘’ Have you seen Lisa, is she ok’’? Said India. Just then the phone rang. It was Lisa. She asked ‘’where were you when you found that seed?’’ We told her where we found it and went back to planting. After we watered the plant, it stared to grow. It had a green stem and a huge flower. Saleehia liked the flower but she wanted a sunflower plant. ‘’ I wanted a sunflower plant!’’ Said Saleehia as loud has ever. The plant quickly turned to a sunflower.
    India and Saleehia decided to go to the park to see Lisa. When they arrived at the park sure enough there she was. ’I can’t find it’’! Lisa said as we ran to her. “It has to be somewhere’’ said India. Everyone looked around. “Found it’’! Yelled India and Saleehia. Lisa planted her seed and was very happy.

    By. Revanth Rangineni

    One sunny summer day Revanth walking on the road just like a normal person would do. While Revanth was walking on the road, he suddenly saw something that caught his eyes. It was something the size of Pebble. As he got closer to it, he saw that it was a Seed, but unusual one because it had the colors red, green and yellow on it. Even though it had red, green and yellow on it, he still took home to plant.

    When he reached home, Revanth asked his Mom and Dad “Can I plant this unusual Seed?”. Then Revanth’s parents deciding if they could let their son plant the seed. Revanth’s Mom and Dad finally decided and said “ Yes Revanth you can plant the unusual seed, but be careful it may be poisonous”. “Thank you Mom and Dad” said Revanth and went to get supplies from the Garage to plant the unusual Seed.

    While Revanth was digging a hole in the soil for the unusual Seed he noticed that he didn’t have the Seed in his hand. So he tried finding it and had no luck. Then he thought of looking in Garage, and when he went to Garage he found it near Soil bag. Then Revanth went back to his job to planting the Seed. When Revanth put the Seed in the hole, he saw it started to grow face, body, and legs. So Revanth put the Soil back real quickly because he was creeped out and put the rights amount of water on the Soil.

    The unusual plant started to grow 5 weeks later, it was half the size of the Beanstalk in the story “Jack and the Beanstalk”, And the huge plant even had Apples, Cherries, Strawberry, Watermelons and Bananas that had faces and one that had a huge face in the middle and the was the stem. Revanth was so astonished and creeped out, that he wouldn’t let his parents in the backyard.

    Then a month later the huge plant is the size of the beanstalk just like “Jack in the Beanstalk”, Still more Apples, Cherries, Strawberries, Watermelons and Bananas with faces growing, and the huge face on the stem even grew and still he made his Mom and Dad not to come in the backyard. But one day Revanth Mom and Dad woke up early in the morning to go to the backyard because they’re suspicious about why Revanth is not letting them go in the backyard. When Revanth parents opened the door to the backyard, they were creeped out just like Revanth was. Then they made Revanth woke up early in the morning and made him come to backyard with them. Revanth was scared because he thought his parents would shout and ground him. But Revanth’s parents said “we wouldn’t shout or ground you, but we have to take the huge plant out. “Please don’t Mom and Dad, I want to keep it because I could play with them like action figures” said Revanth. “Ok Revanth you can keep them, but don’t make any of the neighborhood or your friends see them”, Then when Revanth said Thank you, the fruits even said Thank you”!.

  15. My $eed

    One day when I went outside I found a shiny seed just sitting there. I picked it up and it said,"Money". I took it home and planted it in a jar. I put the jar on the balcony and watered it everyday.

    One day I noticed leaves growing and when I went to check it wasn't leaves it was dollars. I loved my plant. It grew $100 and I picked them all off. I went shopping at Toys R Us and got toys I wanted.

    Eventhough it is Spring, the other day it snowed and I played with my new toys inside. Then a couple of days later I wanted another toy and went on the balcony and it was all dried up and frozen. The snowy day froze my plant. It had died. I should have kept checking on it. Now I am sad even with my new toys. I wish I had my plant back.

  16. One fine morning, Sandy was walking to school. She found a seed. She picked it up and put it in her pocket. Then she went to school. She told her friend Jessica about the seed. The first bell rang and Jessica and Sandy started running and Sandy dropped the seed. At second period she came back to find her seed but it wasn’t there.
    She felt her pocket again and then she felt something hard and small. Then she took it out and it was the seed. “It’s a magic seed after all” she said to herself. In the evening she came home and took an empty pot and planted the seed. She took good care of the seed and enjoyed watering it every day. As soon as she woke up she loved to check on the seed growing day after day.
    One fine morning she went outside to check the plant. She was surprised to see the seed grow into a plant. She felt very happy; she said loudly “This is a magic plant.”

  17. Varun-
    I was walking early in the morning with my mom to the park. I tripped on something. It was very shiny and colorful. I looked at it very closely and noticed that it was a seed.I ran home and planted the seed in the soil. A day later a beautiful flower with orange petals popped out of the seed. The very next day my mom's garden was full of orange flowers.

    After I finished my breakfast, I went back to the garden to check on the flowers again . This time they all had changed dto ifferent colors and they had a scent! The red one's had strawberry , the orange one's had orange, the yellow one's had pineapple, the green one's had green apples and the blue one's had bluberry scents.

    I thought for a moment - "What to do with color changing scented flowers ?". Then, I got it! I should give some of it to the shelter. I asked my mom if I could and she said "Yes". The next day, my mom drove me to the shelter. I gave the color scented flowers to the lady at the desk. She asked me what it is was and I said they were a gift and she smiled. I felt very proud of myself. As many years passed, I kept brigning the flowers to the shelter and kept feeling proud of myself as the first day.

  18. It was spring but very cloudy. I was returning from my walk in the woods when I saw something glowing under the dirt. I picked it up and knew right away it was a seed. I wondered what plant it would grow into. I took it home trying to not look at it because it looked scary.

    When I got home I planted I outside but when I put it on the ground it just sank through the floor and the spot became wet.

    The next day I went outside I saw a plant-monster waiting for me. It had a glowing green skull for a head, the stem as it`s body, one arm was the leaf stem and it had a hand wile the other looked sort of like a pistol, and it had roots as legs. "YOU TOOK ME FROM MY HOME!! NOW YOU MUST PAY THE CONSEQUENCES!!!" it said. "How much do you want as the consequences, 10 bucks 20 how much?" I said. "GRRRRR!!!!" it said and it`s pistol looking arm started to glow black and red then suddenly ghosts with tasers appeared out of it and they started firing. Then I remembered what a ghost`s weakness was: light. I had an idea. I would bring the ghosts to me and make them follow me then I would go in my house and turn on the lights. I did my plan and it worked but I still needed to get rid of the plant-monster.I still had my sparing gear with me from karate. I wor it but it started to try and hit me but my chest protector saved me. I was ready. I ran all the way to the other side of the backyard and then I ran back to the monster and with one hard punch he soared into the sky and flew away (it was very light the monster was).

    When I returned home my dad was wathing the news wide-eyed. He had just seen the monster I hit landing in a trash can somewhere in California.when i saw I laghed so hard that my stomach stated to hurt. I told my dad that I was the one who hit and he laghed also and from that day onwards I never picked up a duplicate.

  19. Ansh I liked how you put alot of details in your story.

  20. Hi Aarushi I like your seed story.
    I like how you put all the details in the story.

  21. Sreya I like your story. I like how you put a magic flower in your story. ;-)

  22. nikil I like your story because it is interesting

  23. The Ur-Bella Flower!
    By:Leah Faith Dubas <3

    In 2000, the ur-bella flower started to grow. During that time, a baby girl was born. Her parents named her Isabella! Her nick-name was Bella...

    The flower was growing and growing and growing! Then, it started to bloom. The next day, Isabella turned 1 month old. Her parents had heard that the first ur-bella flower had grown! So, they went to the beach!

    While, they were at the beach, they saw the
    ur-bella flower... Isabella, and her parents, went over by the ur-bella flower. They looked at it for a minute or two. Isabella pulled it out of the sand.

    Then, they brought the ur-bella flower home. Next, isabella and her parents put the ur-bella flower in a glass of water. Next year Isabella turned one. The ur-bella flower was one year old, and the second had grown.

    Then, the next year , Isabella was two. At about 12 o'clock. Isabella parents took her to day care. While she is at daycare, isabella parents went to the store. Now, while they were at the store, the ur-bella flower (at isabella's house) started to grow.

    When Isabella came home, she was so, so happy because her daycare class had a ur-bella flower too! Next year, when isabella was three, and the ur-bella flower is very popular. But, only four of them have grown.

    When Isabella was ten, she was in fifth grade, and still had her special flower called the
    ur-bella flower. But, when she ripped off one of the pedals of the ur-bella flower, and buried into the sand while being at the beach.

    A ur-bella flower had started to grow! Next year when Isabella was eleven she was in sixth grade. When she went with some friends to the beach, she spotted a ur-bella flower, she was very suprised! The ur-bella flower has six colors. Red, orange, blue, green, purple.

    If you rip/pull a red pedal off, you will get a red ur-bella flower. If you live in, or vist California, you might be lucky and find a
    ur-bella flower!


  24. Astonishing Magnificent Seed

    By Atharva

    One day a seed came falling down from the sky and fell in my hand.
    I said “ Let’s plant the seed”.
    I gathered all materials and planted the seed.

    Next morning, the plant was like 85 feet with CASH falling out of it.
    That’s awesome!!!
    I feel like a million bucks.
    Next stop STORE!

    I bought everything I ever WANTED!!!!!!
    This is the best day ever.
    This keeps on getting better and better.
    When I get home, more cash comes out of the tree.

    When my plant died more seeds came out.
    This is going to be good I’ll have about 100,000 plants around MY house so I planted the seed.

    I think I should name my plants Bill and Mill.
    Get it, Million and Billion.
    But my question is who made the seed.
    Whoever did “ Thanks”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Very nice Leah, I really like all the details you put in.It was very interseting

  26. I like yours Yasmeen and were did you find the seed?

  27. Hey Lahari, it's me Aarushi.
    In your story, I liked how at the end she says
    "This is a magic plant," but doesn't anyone hear? But your story was very nice. :)

    Response to Lahari:
    Thanks for the comment!

  28. Hey Nikhil, It's Aarushi again,
    I liked how you put a lot of details, said the setting, and wrote a lot of expression. Great job!

  29. Varun I like how you gave iot's of detail about what you were going to do


    By : Sri
    Once day I was walking and I saw a person with a sword, he cut down a branch. From the sword, a seed fell in my hands. I was running home with the seed until a lightning bolt hit in front of me. A seed was there, so I took both seeds home and planted them in my backyard. I named the plant that came off the sword, Ninja Plant. I named the plant that struct by lighting as Lightning Plant.

    I waited a couple of weeks and they started to grow bigger than me. They made roots as legs pollen as their hair and leaves as their hands. They had venus fly trap mouth. When the lightning plant was growing, it took electricity from houses and lightning rods, while we were training from a Ninja Master. Lightning plant took so much lightning and water it started to take from Heaven. So all the Gods went to legoland !!. But back in the story, we were just coming back from our training. Just then Ninja Plant said "We told you 100 times not to take Electricity from Houses". I said "Your punishment will be to give all the Electricity back". Then lightning plant said "How dare you ask all the electricity back". And then he tried to kill us but we dodged. Then Ninja plant involved, its hands turned into swords and it hair turned into spikes. Then Ninja plant shot a sword at Electric plant and Electric plant died. The only problem was that Gods liked legoland so much, they stayed there.


  31. Amanda,i like when you said," yes we see now lets continue walking"! in your story.Im sorry,that i didn't finish the seed story but now you can comment on my story.

  32. The ice cream story!
    One day my mom told me to get the mail i said OK. When i went outside to get the mail there was this seed it was shaking then all of a sudden it start growing and growing and growing until it got to the tippy top of my roof.

    Then i ran in the house and yelled mom there was this seed that grew to the tippy top of the roof!My mom didn't believe me. I said look out the window.she said oh my god!My mom and i went outside.

    I said is this made out of ice cream?She said aha i said yes she said why are you so happy? because we can eat ice cream for free. than we went back inside.

    The next day we had a problem because every time my mom go to work the seed keeps hitting her so we had to take the seed out I said OK. We went outside so we can take the seed out when we was done my mom hugged me and said i know you liked the seed but we had to take it out i said its fine I'll be OK.Then we went back in the house the end.