Thursday, March 10, 2011

Skyping with Kate McMullan

Today we skyped with Kate McMullan and it was wonderful!

Remember to visit her website to get more information on her books.

By Sunday, March 13, 2011 write a paragraph on the question you asked Kate McMullan and what her response was. Also write about your experience on speaking to a famous author.


  1. Dear Kate McMullan,

    The question I asked you was do you and your husband work at the same time.You said no.Thank you for anwsring our questions.And your book Dragon Slayers Academy is amazing! And your dogs were so cute. You were so nice beacuse you answered all our question

  2. We Skyped with Kate Mcmullan. It was awesome:)I never knew that she had 2 French bulldogs named Toby and Pinky. I asked her how did she have idea of the Dragons Slayers Academy and then she said that her editor gave her an idea about doing a book about dragons. Thank you Kate McMullan for Skyping with our class room.

  3. Dear Kate McMullan,
    I am very happy that you took the time to skype! That`s very nice because you took time off of writing books to do this with us! The latest book you wrote: Bulldogs Big Day is a book I am willing to read. I have also read some of your Dragon Slayers Academy books and I think it is very cool. Hopefully you will never stop your career and you will keep writing more books.

  4. Dear Kate McMullan,

    Thank you for responding to my question.
    My question was where do you get all these ideas for writing.
    Your response was “Well, I get all these ideas from newspapers and articles.
    I think that’s what you said.
    I have one more question where did you get the names in the Dragon Slayers Academy.


  5. Yasmeen Said...

    Dear Kate McMullan,
    Thank you for answering our questions. It was a pleasure to meat you. Thank you for skyping with us. It was nice of you to answer my questions. My question was is it tiring to be a writer? You said yes. Tank you Tank you Tank you.
    Yasmeen <3 :-]

  6. Daer Kate McMullan,

    Thank you for skyping with us.I asked you what was your favorite book that you wrote? you said that your favorite book that you wrote is"I Stink.I liked the way Toby and Pinky were wrestling.I like the place where you worked and it is very nice.

    Thank You

  7. Dear Kate McMullan,
    Today in library, Mrs. Gamble
    read us a chapter of Dragon Slayers Academy.
    I really liked them! So, the two questions I asked
    you were " What was the frist book you wrote?" and "Do you have any brothers or sisters?". The responce i got from my first question was, "Nothing but Soup, which is about a boy who ate nothing but soup". The reponce i got from my second question was, " No, I have six step brothers and sisters".

    I liked skyping with you because it was nice to hear some fascinating facts about an author. I also liked skyping with you because you showed your dogs Toby and Pinky.

    Toby was the bigger dog(the dad), and Pinky was the small one(his duaghter).
    Thank you so much for skyping with us!
    From, Leah <3

  8. Today, we skyped Kate McMullan. Her dogs are so cute. I never thought I would ever meet a famous writer. It is so exiting to know that a famous writer is visiting our blog! Its unbelievable! Here are some questions for you Ms.McMullan: #1.If you had a job request to be a teacher, what would you teach, and what grade would you teach? #2.From these 2 dogs which one would you pick to buy: a Golden Retriever or a French Bulldog? Thank you!

  9. Dear Kate McMullan

    Thank you for skyping with us because I know you are very busy, and thank you for answering my question ''Who is your favorite author?''Now I know a famous author's favorite author who is Jane Austin I'll keep on reading your books.

    Thanks again,
    Hendrix [:

  10. Dear Mrs. Kate McMullan,
    Today we Skyped with Kate McMullan. She has 1 kid and 2dogs. Her first book was: I Always Eat Soup. I ask ‘’Now that you are a famous writer, how does every treat you’’? She reasoned that people don’t really recognize it. Also I asked does she have any more pet. She said no but she asked me if I did’ ’yes’’.


  11. Dear Mrs.Kate McMullan,

    Thank you for skyping with us. This is one question i asked you which one do you like better? Fiction or Non-fiction? This is what you answered fiction. The compliment I said is " I love the Dragon Slayer Academy. Your dogs are so cute.

    Thank you,

  12. DEar kate Mcmullan,
    thank you for skyping with us. I want to skype with a author .The question I asked was How many Dragon Slayer Academy book will you make she said she made 20 and she is make 21

    thank's from Samod

  13. Dear Kate Mcmullan,
    Thank you for skyping with us!The quetion I asked you was "what is your favorite subject to write about"? I think you said it was Toby and Pinkie.The day I found out that I was skyping with you,I got so nervous to talk to a famous person!After talking to you I realy felt GOOD!

  14. Dear Kate Mcmullan,
    Thank you for answering my question. Now I know when you got your dr. suess medal. You told me that they called you. Thank you for skyping with us!

  15. Dear Mrs. McMullan,

    Thank you for skyping with my class - we all loved the experience. Please thank Toby and Pinky for putting up a show for us. They are both so cute. We look forward to reading your next book and I am sure it will be filled with all kinds of fun stories about Toby and Pinky. I love dogs and tend to read more books that have animals in it.

    Hope you enjoy all the comments my students have about their skyping experience. You are an excellent role model for them, and Julie and I are very grateful to you for sharing your experiences as a writer and author with them.
    Thanks once again.


    Preeti Singh
    Third Grade Teacher

  16. Revanth

    Dear Mrs.Kate McMullan,

    Thank You for telling me the question I asked, "
    Did you submit Pearl and Wagner for the Dr.Seuss award or did some people read Pearl and Wagner and choose it?" Thank You for telling me that some librarians read it and chose it for the Dr.Seuss award. But one question I didn't get to ask is that why aren't girls allowed in the starting of some of the Dragon Slayers Academy? But one of the things in skype was your two dogs Toby and His puppy daughter Pinky because they're so cute like Mrs.Singh's third son Cooper.

    Thank You,
    Revanth :)

  17. Dear Mrs.McMullan,
    It was an honor to skype with you. I can't wait to tell my family about it! One day,I'm going to be an author just like you. my questions were if you could write a book about Toby and Pinky, would you? You said you and your daughter are already working on that. My other question was how long does it take to write one book? For that one,you said it varies. Thanks for answering my questions! thank you!

  18. Mrs. Gamble and Mrs. Singh,
    I just watched the video. What a terrific experience. Who knew writing one picture book could take so long? Mrs. McMullan didn't know about authors until college. How lucky your students are to meet an author at such a young age. Students, remember to write down your ideas when they strike. Maybe you can start a small writer's notebook.
    Mrs. George

  19. Dear Mrs. Singh and wonderful students,
    Kate McMullan told Toby and me that she had the best time Skyping with you today. She said she really liked the way you each stepped up to the computer to ask your question, so that she felt she got to meet each one of you personally. And she thought you really asked great questions!
    Toby and I liked hearing your voices today. Did you like the way we wrestled? We are very good at that.
    I wish Toby and I could meet Cooper. He is one handsome pooch!
    Kate says she hopes that you will always like reading and writing and authors as much as you do right now.
    Your dog pal,

  20. Dear Pinkie,

    We all loved seeing Toby and you wrestle. Cooper would love to meet both of you one day.Please thank Mrs. McMullan for skyping with us. We all loved talking to her. Sorry if our voices disturbed Toby and you while you were sleeping. We are anxiously waiting for the book about the two of you.

    A big hug to Toby and you.

    From Cooper's mom
    Preeti SIngh

  21. Dear Kate McMullan,
    Thank you for skyping with my class. My favorite book you wrote was The Dragon Slayers Academy number 2 and 5 but especially 5 Knight for a Day. Do you have any brothers or sisters with children?

  22. Dear Kate McMullan,
    Thankyou Kate McMullan for skyping with our ciass.You must have a beautiful sight of sea,sun,and everythingelse.I hope the last Dragon Slayers Academy book,Graduation Day at DSA is wonderful.I also hope the book about Toby And Piny is Wonderful too.

  23. Dear Kate McMullan,
    Thank you for Skyping with us.
    The question I asked you was, do you write books when your dogs are next to you? I asked that question because I wanted to know more about you. Your response was that you write when your dogs are next to you. Pinky and Toby are the cutest dogs ever. They rolled over for us, that was really cool, and our whole class loved it! I am looking forward to your books about Pinky and Toby.
    Thank you,
    Lahari Rani

  24. Boys & Girls-
    Skyping with a famous author - Wow! You are certainly learning a lot not only about the 3rd grade curriculum but about technology as well. It seems like you are having a great time besides. Best of all, my pal, Daisy, enjoyed the message you received from Pinky.

    Keep up the great work - and good luck on your test on Thursday.
    Dr. B

  25. Response to Dr. Bowman,

    Thank you for visiting us on the blog. We love it!
    It was great fun skyping with Kate McMullan. Pinkie and Toby were very cute and put up a show for us and wrestled with each other. Pinkie described Cooper as a "handsome pooch.” Thank you once again for visiting our blog and please do visit us often.

  26. Dear Pinkie,

    I love skyping with with her thank you for putting a show for us it is cute to see you wrestled.

    Your friend,

  27. Response to Pinkie,

    Tell Mrs.McMullan that all the kids in our class had a lot of fun Skyping with you guys. Have you ever tried to read one of Mrs.Mcmullan new books, and if you do, can you show us a little sneak peak? If you do, that'll be very nice. Good luck on your next book, Mrs.McMullan!