Sunday, December 5, 2010

My blog reflections

Please answer in complete sentences.

Reflect on your experience with your first blog assignment.

What do you like about your classroom blog?


  1. I like the blog beacuse I like to type and we get to type on the blog.I also like to read other peoples comments and post.I even like do homewor on the blog.If I forget my spelling homework the words and features are on the blog so I can't forget.We get all kind of work like math,Reading and writeing.I can comment on other peoples post,and I enjoy reading the comments my classmates make on my comment

  2. My name is Aarushi.
    About the Blog
    I like the blog because it helps me with 2 things.It helps me with typing and when I get into middle school, I'll know what blogging is. Every week she puts up a different assignment for us to do. There are 6 categories, the home page, the math page, the reading page, the writing page, the news page, and the social studies page. Mrs.Singh writes some other assignments in math, reading, and writing. In the news categorie,she puts news about the coming events and when they are. I love the blog! :-)

  3. Our blog is so awesome because every week we have questions, summaries,math,social studies assignments.Our first assignment was to tell our name, tell what we like about 3rd grade and how we celebrated our Thanksgiving weekend. Our blog also has Mrs George's blog too. We also get to comment on other people's posts. It is also making us technology smart and we learn how to use blogs.

  4. What’s up my name is Karan.
    Our blog is awesome! Our blog is connected to Mrs. Georges blog. Our blog has 12 multiplication games. Mrs.Singh’s blog has study island,funbrain.Our blog has a of phote Mrs.Singh and a phote of a dog. Our blog is awesome!

  5. What I like about the blog.

    I like the blog because I like to type. I also like to make a story of my self. The best part is that I can share it with the class. The real thing is because I like when dr. bowman is in the blog

    I like to do homework in the computer. I also like it because it is like Facebook and I like to read other people’s stories. I like to play games on the math for my second asstgnment.

  6. Our classroom blog is very fun to use. We can play fun games and do homework on the blog. We post comments on other peoples work. We go on Mrs.Georges blog and do that homework also. You can also go on study island and earn blue ribbons.

  7. I like my blog because of the multiplication games I like to type and do my homework in it. I liked the first blog assignment and the pictures they put on the blog. The websites on the side are fun brain study island and other. I like to comment on my friends on the blog

  8. Hi my name is Revanth Rangineni.

    I like the class blog, because you get to express your feelings in your own way and you get to read the classmates' comments. Every week we have different kinds of homework on the blog. I like doing the multiplication games and other fun stuff that the teacher gives us. The first assignment we had was about what we like about third grade and how our Thanksgiving weekend went. It was really fun! What I like about the blog is that the teacher gives us fun assignments. This is why the blog is so fun to do! :)

    1. This is true Revanth!

  9. My teacher Mrs. Singh made us a blog. ‘’yeah’’! I said. I have never ever been on a blog before.We had to wirte a few senteces about Thanksgiving weekend. The next day I went on it and posted a comment,it’s the coolest thing in the world!!

  10. Hi,
    My name is Param. My first experience with the blog was GREAT!! I really liked typing about my Thanksgiving weekend. I liked when my mom came and helped me. I like the blog because it has a lot of cool games and you get to post comments. I also like reading my friend's comments and giving them comments.I like the blog a lot!

  11. My name is nick.Our class blog is awesome!Last week we had our first class assignment.If we ever forget our spelling words or homework we can check on the blog.

  12. My name is Sreya.I like the blog because,We have a lot of homework on the blog.It is fun to go on the blog.There is a lot of math websites to go on.The games are really fun.It is hard to post a comment.The blog is really fun!

  13. Hi - I am Varun.
    Our classroom blog is very fun . we can go to it for games and assignments. If you forget what your spelling words are or when you need to see when a test is - you can go to the blog.

    Our teacher gives us assignments on the blog. So that's all about my classroom blog

  14. My name is Aaliyah,
    The classroom blog is so cool. We have games,homework and News that shows us when important stuff is coming up.for example: a test quiz.

    I like writing because,when you click on writing,a pencil pops-up and says"write on".I aslo like,the reading becasue it looks like Harry Potter is on the book. The Blog is AWSOME!!!!!..<:)

  15. My name is Atharva.
    I like my blog because it has all of my favorite subjects.It has Math ,Writing, Reading ,Social Studies and Science.The blog is the BEST!!!If you forget your spelling words it's in the blog.Also if you forget a blog assignment it's right there.Don't forget this blog is helpful.Our teacher gives very fun assignments.It's great to have a blog like this.At first
    I thought it was going to be fun but I started to say IT'S AN EXPLOSION OF FUN!!!!Also Mrs.George is connected to our blog.My
    favorite game on her blog is Puzzled States.Mrs.Singh justs keeps on adding fun things.Also there's multiplication games in our blog.
    There's only 12 games that are 1000% awesome.I say this blog is #1 blog in the world.You can also comment on other people's posts.
    There's a lot of Math websites you can go on. It tells what books that are proper for you.Study Island is also there.I have a
    feeling this is going to be a WONDERFUL blog!!


    My favorite thing about the blog is,you get to go on different websites.

    you also get to type thing's and play game's at the same time.

    You do multipacation game's,and inbetween a break or a round, you get to have fun! Or when ur typing something,then you go on one of the websites or play one of the multipacation games. And thats what I like about the blog!


  17. You'r blog reflection is nice Atharva

  18. What I like about the blog is there are games and some fun Homework. The firstday blog we are so happy our faces were like bright with smiles. The thing I like about blogging is the fun in the Homeworks. When I first went to the blog I was so so happy. My first assignment was to write about my self. My dad helped me write about myself. After that, everyone was like "Yay, Yahoo!". I enjoyed reading what my classmates are writing about my blog. The next day I came to school we had to read our blog Homework.

  19. Leah said...

    I like your blog reflection Aaliyah! , Ecspecliy When you said it look's like harry potter on the book. Your realy funny! And it dose kind of look like harry potter!

  20. My name is Saleehia...Our blog is the coolest blog ever because we get to use the computer for it. We get to play these bizzarly fun multiplication games, oh, and there's this one game where you can customize a baby. Then when you're done with the baby, you go to the baby race and you have to answer multiplying questions in order to get your baby in first place. At the end of the race,the game shows you if you're in first, second, third, or fouth place. There's another game, featured on a farm, basicly it's this pumpkin patch game. You answer three questions, they plant three seeds. You answer another three questions, they give the plants water. You answer three more questions, the plants grow. Well, that's all I know so far, but I guess I'd better go now. C ya 2morrow!!!

  21. I like your blog writing,saleehia.

  22. i like your writing Saleehia it is very nice

  23. Hi Mrs. Singh's Class!

    I am so very excited to see you all blogging. It is a great way to practice your writing skills while sharing your thoughts with your classmates and teachers. Keep up the great work!

    Happy Blogging!

  24. Response to Mr. Gramata,

    Thank you for joining our blog. Please visit us often to see all the fun activities we are doing in our blog.

  25. I like your comment Sreya.


  26. Hendrix,

    On the blog page go to the "classroom website"- click on "homework" and then click on Monday and all the words should be there - Good Luck!