Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our first blog assignment

Please answer these questions in complete sentences:

What is your name?

What do you like about third grade?

How did you spend your Thanksgiving weekend?


  1. My name is Amanda I am in third grade.I am a student at Livingston Park School.What I like about third grade is math,and reading.Well my thanksgiving was great but on Black Friday I went to New York it was so awesome.First I went to the American Girl shop.Second I went to Rockefeller center.Third me and my family drove through times square.

  2. Hello!
    My name is Leah. My favorite thing about third grade is,having fun with friends and going to specials.
    I spent my thanksgiving, going to my aunt Debbie's house! There were so many pies that looked delicous. It was so much fun! We ate turkey,stuffing,and homeade cranberry sauce. We also had mashed potatoe, sweet potatoes with marshmellow's on top,mixed vegtables with corn, peas and carrot's.I played the game of life with my cousin Vinny. Then, we got ready to leave my aunt's house. Next we got in the car and drove all the way home. And that's how I spent my thanksgiving!

  3. My Name is Lahari Rani.

    I like writing in third grade.

    We went to a party at our cousin's house for the Thanksgiving party. We had lot of food and fun.

  4. My name is Hendrix, I like third because its f.u.n. to look at small 2nd graders.My Thanks Giving was so AWESOME,because for desert we had Creme Brule witch is Italian or French, for fried cream. Its so awesome! :] the turkey was
    good to!So yeah,I guess I' done so PEACE!

  5. My name is Ansh.
    I like math in third grade because I am learning new things and they are interesting.
    I went to my cousins house for thanksgiving where my whole family was there.We had a big turkey and lots of other foods.My cousins and me played football outside.On the weekend we went shopping at the mall.My grandparents came from New York also for thanksgiving.ON Sunday all we did was rest at home and play my xbox.over all it was a fun weekend!

  6. Hi my name is Yasmeen, What I like about the third grade is reading and all specials. On thanks giving i had a huge turkey and i had mashed potatos, sweet mashed potatos, asperagus, pumpkin pie, apple pie, and ice cream. It was sooooo yummy. I had a good time and i loved it. bye I'll see you later

  7. My name is Param. My favorite subject in 3rd grade is math. I also like the blog. I spent my Thanksgiving by going to a museum in New York. It was great! I saw all the exhibits. The North American and African mammals were the absolute BEST! I watched 2 movies, had dinner with my family and had a sleepover. Then my cousin had a sleepover at my house! I simply LOVE my thanksgiving!!!!!

  8. Hi! my name is India. I like third grade because I like to learn math. Thanksgiving was great! We had turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing, apple pie, and pecan pie. I got sick on thanksgiving. My grandma, grandpa, and sister came for dinner .

  9. Hi my name is Nikhil. I am an LP student. What I like about 3rd grade is the smartboard, playing with my friends and going to gym. I spent Thanksgiving by playing with my friends at a party, we read the story of Thanksgiving and I tasted pumpkin pie.We also went shopping on Black Friday but it was very boring because the ladies took too long.I also attended a wedding but that was boring whenever it came time to eat but other than that it was fun!

  10. Hi my name is JAY. I am a 3rd grader. The thing I like about it is Gym,math,and the smart board. This Thanksgiving first I saw Macy's Thanksgiving parade. In the evening I had some friends and family for dinner. We had chicken,stuffing,cranberry juice,and mashed potatoes. We played the Xbox(360) and cards . Next day we did some shopping and my dad bought me a big TV for my video games.That evening my neighbor had call us for dinner. I also had a sleepover there. Well I had fun during my Thanksgiving weekend!

  11. My name is Aaliyah,
    what i like about 3rd grade is the smartboard
    and gym.For Thanksgiving, i made mac and cheese
    and cake.After that,we put up our Chrismastree.
    Then we went to bed and we ate again like we always do for Thanksgiving and that was the best nap ever! Ok see ya!

  12. My name is Edward. I’m a third grader. I go to school every morning. I’m shy to people that I don’t now and I’m nice. I like third grade, because I make new friends and I like learning. I spend my thanksgiving weekend, by going to the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade in New York City. It was awesome! I saw a lot of cool balloons. It was really cold, so I bundled up. My father bought a taco and shared it with us because I was so hungry. When we got to Port Authority bus station, I went to sleep on the whole bus ride. I woke up when we got to East Brunswick bus station. We got in the car and drove home happily. When I got home, my grandma had a delicious dinner ready for us. I ate turkey and sweet mash potato, soda and smores for dessert. We watched a movie as a family. It was an exciting day! I was so tired, so I went to sleep.

  13. My name is Atharva.
    In third grade I like Computers,Writing,Math and Gym.
    On Thursday, I went to Boston Market to eat turkey with my family. That turkey was so delicious. There were so many people just because it was Thanksgiving.

    On Friday, I found out that my best friend was coming over. We played and played but sadly he had to leave.

    On Saturday, I had to go to Marathi class to practice a play. The best thing was the snacks. There were chips and cheez-it.

    On Sunday, I went to Mcdonalds. I ate chicken nuggets, Large Fries, chicken sandwich and Apple dippers. I went to Marathi class to read a poem. Since it was my mom’s birthday we went to a restaurant called Akbar for dinner.

  14. My name is Aarushi. I like third grade because I get to use the smartboard and get to learn new stuff.
    On Thanksgiving I went to a party. It was so fun! My mom made a seven layer dip. It was delicious! Next, we played a game where there are 2 teams and someone whispers a movie to you and you have to act it out. Then, the other team has to guess the movie. I had the movie Rangeela. After that, I went to my friend’s mom’s sister’s house and celebrated her husband’s birthday. That’s how I spent my Thanksgiving!:]

  15. My name is Saleehia. The things I like about third grade is gym, recess, and learning math. For Thanksgiving I watched the Macy's Day parade, ate delicious food, played Wii with my sisters, and watched tv.

  16. Hello!
    My name is Varun Bharti. I am in third grade at LP school.

    Things I like about 3rd grade are : Maths , Reading , Writing , Smart Board and All specials.

    For thanksgiving - I went to my friend's place , we had turkey and played lots of games. We also watched the movie - "Fire Breather".

    For Black Friday - me and my family went to ToysRUs and bought lots of toys for me and my little brother. Next we went to Macy's and bought stuff for my parents.

  17. Wow Hendrix I like when you said PEACE.


  18. Mrs. Singh, As the Director of Curriculum, it is rewarding to see our students and teachers use technology. It was also very interesting to read the comments of your students.
    Thank you for the invitation.
    Mr. De Lucia

  19. I love the way you described your Thanksgiving weekend. All the details helped me really picture what you were doing over the holiday. Thanks for sharing!

  20. Response to Mr. DeLucia,

    Thank you for joining our blog. Please visit us often and check out all the interesting activities we are doing with our blog.

  21. Response to all my awesome third graders,

    I am so proud of all of you! You all did an excellent job with your first blog assignment. I am looking forward to blogging with you every week. Hope you enjoy the next week’s assignment. Happy blogging! See you on Monday!

  22. Hi my name is khushi Arora. In third I like to do cursive.This Thanksgiving was great! I went to my friends house and ate lots of food, it was mashed patatoes,turkey,a role and cranberry sause.It was'' YUMMY!"Then I went to my other friends house and wa tched shreck 2 while the parents ate.THIS WAS THE BEST THANKSGIVING EVEVR!

  23. My is Revanth Rangineni,
    What i like about 3rd grade is the classroom activities on the smartboard like the math game. On thanksgiving we had a party at my friends place. A lot of people came by, we had a lot of fun.Everybody danced, and people said 'i danced good'. Then me and my friends played Foosball and my team won the most TIMES!

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  25. My Name is Sreya. I like to reading , working on smart board and having fun with my friends.
    On thanksgiving day we watched movie with friends
    and went to restaurant and had good time.

  26. My name is Sreya. I like reading , doing smart board and having fun with my friends.
    On Thanksgiving day we watched movie and went to
    restaurant with friends and had good time.

  27. Hi my name is Samod.
    What I like about third grade is spelling& math& smart board.My Thanksgiving was awesome!I was stuffed with food and I said,I'm full. That's how I spent my Thanksgiving.

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